Bio: I am a student of Fine Arts Academy in Cracow, Poland. Because of my faculty which is Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art I have a great respect for the old materials . I am also interested in Theater which was the reason to take up classes at Stage Design Atelier and course of Great Reform of Theater at Jerzy Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw. During my studies as an exchange student at Universitad Politecnica de Valencia I started working with different video techniques . Experimental Cinema and Theater are my favorites fields of art in which I like to work the most using different traditional techniques mixed with new media. Education: 2008- 2009 –Studies of Far East Culture ,Jagiellonian University, Cracow 2009-2015 – Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art, Fine Arts Academy,Cracow 2012- 2014 course of Stage Design at Scenography department, Fine Arts Academy, Cracow 2012-2014-course “Great reform of Theater” Institute of Jerzy Grotowski, Wroclaw 2013-2014- Scenography and audio-visiual media,Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain ( program Erasmus )

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